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LankaWebNet.info was launched in 2007 and its initial goal was to create a comprehensive web directory for Sri Lankan's. It was therefore planned to make the one connection point on cyberspace, related to Sri Lankan's. At that time, the use of the Internet was a growing force in Sri Lanka. As a result, many services were available to Sri Lankans via the Internet. Thus, LankaWebNet.info tried to relies on Sri Lankan related service resources with information. This included the Sri Lanka web directory, which included most of the Sri Lankan websites. Visitors may request to add new sites to these pages and we have added them based on the compatibility of that site. The addition to this site consisted of news resource pages containing information in the three languages ​​used in Sri Lanka. The LankaWebNet.info site also included live TV and live radio functionality. Visitors can also use the Recorded TV Programs pages to watch previous television programs at any time, depending on their availability. In addition to these services, LankaWebNet.info has maintained another high-level Sri Lankan web browser plug-in that can be used as a web browser toolbar for users. By downloading this LankaWebNet.info toolbar, users can easily access all these services and features. Featured included: live TV, live broadcast, live radio streaming, news, weather information on users location, SMS services, live cricket streaming with real-time scorecards and more. The LankaWebNet.info toolbar was the no. 1 toolbar among Sri Lankan's on those days and consisted of many useful services. In 2009, the LankaWebNet.info toolbar won the World Conduit Award in the Best Performance category.

Conduit Awards 2009 Winner - LankaWebNet.info

Now, Internet usage is spreading more and more in different ways and the main difficulty is finding the good quality content from official website sources. Because content is available in many other ways and sometimes misleadingly internet surfers end up with useless content of poor quality. The goal of LankaWebNet.info, in today's modern world is to provide the best quality content on their official websites and guide the visitors to use these services with easy to access methods from a single place. LankaWebNet.info does its best to ensure that all LankaWebNet.info associate sites are complete with only the good, useful and regularly updated content with upcoming events, services and information. Visitors can contact us using our contact form with suggestions, issues or  any feedback.