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SIRASA FM – the number one in Sri Lankan radio arena. The trend setters of the modern day broadcasting & the benchmark of the all time novelty of the entertainment industry. Sirasa FM had the very latest digital technology, latest transmission equipments & the DJ style broadcasting studios – a totally new concept to Sir Lanka. Siraa FM was the first to launch a pure Sinhala radio channel with crystal clear reception islandwide. They were the first to launch a non stop 24 hour transmission in Sri Lanka, and they were the first to launch interactive radio programs with listeners over the phone & first to go on line with a webcast to become the first ever worldwide Sinhala radio station in the world. Radio was at the verge of a natural death because of the strong Television industry; and MBC took a bold step in launching Sirasa FM. Only Pirith & News was heard on radio. But Sirasa FM was the turnaround brand of this dying industry, and gave life to many more competitors to arrive in to the market. Sirasa FM has been rated as the most popular radio station from the inception of National Media Survey in Sri Lanka. Sirasa FM is the pinnacle of the media arm of MBC / MTV media operations. News First is the news division of the MBC network. It also features Breakfast News, Lunch time News, Live @ 55 and Breaking News during daytime.