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Lak FM is a Sinhala language radio channels which broadcast in FM frequency band using 92.0 MHz,93.3 MHz, 100.1 MHz and 100.2 MHz frequencies. Programmes which are brought to listeners using ultra modern technology, backed with quality sound system with full of knowledge and over flowing with entertainment are “Sodisiya” - revealing the true picture of the current social conflicts, “Sada Yahanata” – satisfying and entertain the intellectual mind at large, “Sadakadapahane” – a talk show with the veterans of the world of art, illustrating the true objective of art, “Lak Premier” introducing the truly talented and their creativity, “Premania Raathria” – for the entirety of the eternal romance, "Lak FM 2-4” – to reflect back the unforgettable cinematic, Stage memoirs and songs, “Sanghidha Paamula” – explaining how to apply the principles of Buddhism practically in to your day-to-day life, “Pinbarayaamaya” – to calm your soul and for a refreshing start for a splendid day, “ Lak Udesenak” – add luster and beauty and bring out the radiance of the rising sun, “Rivisanda” – with the professionals in the field of astrology to influence your life according to the planetary system, “Diva Ridma” – to cool you down during the hotness of the scorching sun, “ Nonawathina Geetha” – to bring our sweet melodies from an upbeat background, “ Suba Sandawak” – to greet the Lunar in the evening of the day, “ Tharu Palama” – for the awakened night, “ Salapathalamaluwa” – for a blissful life Sandarshana Wedikawa” – give light to the live musical shows, “ Lak Mini Keta” – bringing out the latent talent of the future generation, “Hindi gee” – sharing the friendship of the neighboring state.