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SLBC - English National Service also known as RADiO Sri Lanka is English radio channel manage by Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC). It is broadcast in FM frequency band using 90.9 MHz, 95.6 MHz, 96.4 MHz, 96.4 MHz, 98.4 MHz, 99.6 MHz and 100.2 MHz frequencies. The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), formerly Radio Ceylon, is the oldest radio station in South Asia, and was founded as Colombo Radio in 1925. The first ever broadcast on an experimental basis took place in 1923 - gramophone music was played from a tiny room in the Ceylon Telegraph Office with the aid of a transmitter built by engineers of the Telegraph Department - the transmitter was built using radio equipment from a captured German submarine. Ceylon began a broadcasting service, just three years after the launching of broadcasting services in Europe. The SLBC had earlier allocated more time to BBC regular programmes. More entertainment programmes have been added to the re-vamped English Commercial Service with a view to grabbing a market share of listeners on the island and across the vast Indian sub-continent.